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Three people were talking about various Bible translations. The first said she preferred the New English version of the Gospels. The second said he liked the New Jerusalem best. To which the third person said, "I like my mother's translation best. She translated the Bible into life, and it is the most convincing translation I have ever seen. She was a loving person who always took the needs of others seriously."
During a speech to a group of business leaders, a financial advisor said that in periods of national calamity -- whether it be war, political or economic disaster -- Bible sales increase. He concluded his remarks this way: "My sound, practical, reliable advice to you is this: In times of trouble, get into the Bible!"
"After more than sixty years of almost daily reading of the BIBLE, I never fail to find it always new and marvelously in tune with the changing needs of every day."
- Cecil B. DeMille

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